A new review just got…

Im going to be in nyc maybe for the final time nxt week, please read the below blog entry to see why, lol it has 0 to do with NYC I LOVE NYC, so lets have some fun.


“I had a session with Joanna in August and believe me it was every bit worth the time and money.  This wasn’t my first session with Joanna. I met her a year before on her last trip to Philly and she was amazing.  She never watches the clock and is all about pleasing.  She wants you to have the time of your life.  My experience was everything I always wanted it to be from a female bodybuilder…and more. 🙂  Now I’m a bit shy but she put me at ease immediately.  Guys, she’s totally upfront and wants you to be clear with what you want.  Be honest because she’s totally cool.  She’s all about cleanliness but she’s not a miracle worker.  Take care of yourself before hand.  For the best experience, look your best.  Smell good and be groomed!!!  It certainly helped me!  I’m far from in perfect shape but I take care of myself…if you do that you will have all the fun your mind desires.  Joanna gives it her all, whether it’s worship or massage.  She will put you at ease and help you enjoy yourself…if you know what I mean!  I can’t wait to see her again in NYC!!!”

Thats from a client Ive met 3 times, and we click, if you click with someone then its the best time.

Thanks for reading and thanks Al x x x

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