NYC/ maybe my last time….I LOVE YOU.

Dear Friends,


I will be in NYC starting tomorrow the 28th until Friday the 1st of could possibly be my last time please read the final paragraph.I would love to see you, lets have some fun here…YEAH.I leave tomorrow so please call or txt me as on the road emails are hard to see esp on the day last minute apts, you end up seeing them 2 hours after you wanted it, so its best to txt call or email in a last resort if its a couple days away.on the road if I have time I will check them, plus I don’t like emails I prefer to talk to people, its polite and you get to know the person every gal has different ways i guess?

I want to say a huge thanks to those who saw me on my last tour of six cities, its was also eight flights, quite a thing, I met some wonderful people and I want to again thank those whom I met I had a great time with you and I found Seattle to be so beautiful, someone gave me a card with a picture of the mountains and boats in a town of Olympia something I so much would love to see, I was just there one day so it was impossible 😉 but one day..I’d need a tour guide….


Now I’m sorry for taking so long to write, I have two reasons for this well main reasons, first off, I cannot understand men who make appointments then on the day make the most lame excuse and not show, on that six city tour I stopped counting it was THAT BAD. NOW LOOK I’m not some fool running around the country to make nothing money wise as a profit in return, this is HOW I LIVE, now you don’t have to see me, I know I’m not for everyone and that’s okay.HOWEVER WHEN YOU ACTUALLY CALL ME OR EMAIL ME AND WE AGREE TO AN APPOINTMENT then you don’t show to some of the worst excuses IF I got one is bullshit, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THAT DOES TO ME? IT KILLS ME LIVING HERE. what upset me the most is before I tour I have a diary with all my appointments written down and I decide if it’s the right thing to do based on if I’m going to make any profit, the reason is on tour you cannot train or eat properly and if any of you travel it is very tiresome. I went on that tour as on paper I had twice as many down than showed, now shit happens I get that but if it were me? Id send the gal at least $50 for her trouble of spending 1000s to come to see you and her time. it really hurt me not just emotionally but in terms of my life.

That money that I lost was supposed to be to buy a ticket home for xmas and to rent a hotel in london so I could see people back home , so that gave me the cash to be able to spend time with family I see once a year , of which my gran  is 95 and my nieces are 7. so yes I was mad, then upset then I’m like why am I bothering? all I’m trying to say is don’t make an appointment unless you know you really want too, or can do, yes I understand if your sick or something happens that’s a problem it happens to us all we are all human, but the excuses I was getting was Oh I’m in a meeting or just nothing. again I had a great time meeting those who did show god in Europe I’ve had men fly from another country to see me and here I get at times the most silly excuses, there are 2 points to doing a session one is to have fun give the client what he wants or if I know them to catch up then have fun even lunch etc dinner but the 2nd reason is this is my living, in 2 weeks half the people cancelling is just unexceptable.

I am a nice gal and I have clients I have known for over 10yrs, I took 3 weeks to write this as I did’nt want too but I had too, it hurts me to write it but I want you to realize what can happen. yes at times apts don’t work out I had one on my tour i told him 15mins into the apt and didnt ask for a dime we went and got a drink, we were fine. thats what being a caring person is.

My second reason for not writing to you in 2 weeks or more and this does not come easy when I say this. I am at a cross roads in life in terms of if to go home to live in the Uk, you know England where we speak funny… for now I don’t want to get into it, but I will when I’m ready. But I must say that the tables are turned to me leaving and at the moment my head is in that place that I am leaving to be with my family, this situation or decision has had me thinking  so hard about everything the past 2 weeks, and for the 1st time I have actually discussed plans with my parents which I have not done before, for now this is all I wish to say on that matter, so when I say it is my last time in NYC as a bodybuilder it probably is, so I would love to see as many of you that I’ve grown to love over the years, nyc was always the place I was most popular in over the years I met so many wonderful guys and enjoyed so many great times, so if you read this and your in Nyc and you know me I’D LOVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN AND MAYBE TO EVEN SAY GOODBYE.

I hope you have enjoyed the new material I have done for the site, it was fun to film,I will be shooting a new video in november/content with Cheryl of Iron belles.

Me staying or leaving has left me very torn but I must do what is right for my future long term, for now I have not made any final plans, just some hard talking for now with my parents. and as all parents go they want the best for my health and my future. I love them very much.


Please support me it all helps me to live here in the USA , I love it here i’ts not that, but I will get into it another time.

Thanks for reading sorry it probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, it’s not easy for me either its a huge decision.but one that is really being made for me, I cannot control my industry nor the fans to if they support me or not, that is you own personal choice.

Love you all and to anyone whom has ever met me camed with me or just helped me in any way over the years, wish there were more of you.

Ill write soon, hope to do ok in nyc…I would love so much to go home for xmas.

Joanna Buffbarbie x x x x x

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