Finally back

Dear Friends,

I want to say a huge thx u to those who came to see me in Detroit , New Jersey and Philly.

I had a great time aside from the very first flight , I got a chest cold thx to being stuck up 30,000 feet in the air confined to a small space, so for one of those dates I had to lie in bed all day to kick it wonderful, my trip to Philly couldn’t have gone better I did not have the time to see everyone whom called or txt I hope that I will see you the very next time I go.I am grateful.

I am looking at doing a new shoot in October due to touring and being just me I can’t drive 8 hours the day before a shoot this month, so I will arrange something for here when I get home , my friend has a model in mind so i’ll keep you all posted.

Today I am sorting out touring for this month so it’s a short one, I’ll be posting my dates very shortly after I figure it out.

Plz always call me over emails for apts, its more personal and its a lot faster, your not obligated its just a chat, but plz my phone is not a social thing nor is it to ask to go to somewhere remote, the biz is hard enough these days even going to big cities, this economy is hard for everyone right now, so I am trying to get through it as best I can with many of you all.

I thank you so much for being members of my site, I looked at the updates and I dont see my newer content up I have to see whats going on with that today as it was submitted, the past several months I have done a shoot a month, however my car is broken and its going to cost a lot to fix I hope to fix it after this next set of tours, early oct. so for now can only drive it short distances, that’s was also why I couldn’t go to tampa in 2 weeks,in Oct everything should be back to normal plz give me a little time here, I’m grateful to anyone who is a member of my site, thx u so much, I love you.


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