Updates and why i was typing in big lol

Dear Friends,

My appologies to the few whom complained due to me typing in big off course I wasn’t shouting at you lol it was due to the way I type , I type as I’m talking to you , I’m no English teacher and trust me I talk better than many yankies yee haa so cut me a break . I am a basic person with stories to write if u have the time to complain about this then I wonder what u do all day, god I would’nt even think of doing something like that so ok from now on i’ll type small but have fun trying to read me wink đŸ˜‰

Well I went to the Tampa pro then had a day to resort to go away on my tour, which was not enough, it left me tired with all that driving Tampa is 4 hour min drive and I went 1 day then left the next, the good part is my girl Tammy Jones won the show, she came to me in may to talk and I told her everything I know, but advised her to go with a coach that was more known or in shall I say and she did take my advice, if you notice her legs were smaller to match her upper body so simply she won good job gal, she worked very very hard to get there and I’ve known her over 10yrs we started talking when protan used to ask us to help tan people by hand , so the southern states in 02/03 was when i first gave her my true opinion lol but she has worked so hard bout time the under dog won…WELL DONE TAMMY JONES I got there just as the ladies were on stage and she could hear me. then corey and lenda came on stage and corey said wow I’ve never seen so many compete in a show so I shouted back ( its because we don’t have any shows anymore agree?) Lenda looked great Corey looked pasty but in great shape, just a tan lol

I did my tour it went well thx u to all those I saw in detroit and new jersey, I had a great time and I know you did so I hope to see you again and many new clients, I got a cold on the plane uh I got like a temp and a cough it was annoying for the tour, I spent the past 3 days resting so id be ok for my Philly tour as I’m 1 busy gal, so thx u Philly so much for your care love and remembering me we will have a blast, now I’m rested up.

My car is still broken what a bitch, got to take it in to fix when i return.

In Tampa i did a photo shoot with a huge french bodybuilder Marie  something manios or something you know whom I mean 5 6 and huge from France,a very nice lady ! she weighed in contest shape what i do in Off season which is normal as she is 4 inches taller, it was funny as she did not understand English so well so i kept explaining things in little french and English the whole time so there will be music over the video đŸ˜‰ but she wasn’t so open minded that’s ok but she was so ticklish she had such a load laugh i kept tickling her abs and feet, i kissed her all over where she allowed me too, the funniest part was when we were asked to do lift and carry, we both have fucked up backs both have discs out and we weighed the same, i put on a belt and asked her to try a piggy back but she didnt want too, but i know ive done fireman lifts with clients as heavy as her as long as i have a belt.

im due to do a photo shoot with a Jennifer Kennedy in sept and a 120lb male /boy so come join my site I do new content once a mth with new models, you help helps me to stay in the usa, to plan tours and in time save enough so i can diet down into 5% mode..

.Im giving it all a yr, if it doesnt happen Ive decided that the Uk would be my best option long term I would get free healthcare and school a new start, it depends on how much fans want me to stay around the Usa is not cheap, if it works id love to stay here, but if not its best I go to start school so I have a living until my 60s, plus my family is there, its been 12yrs since i left them, its not easy being away from them for a dream that will not happen.meaning my reason for coming to this country no longer can happen, sad but nothing lasts forever, family matter, life goes so fast, so I cant like I did in my 20’s not care I’m 36, I’ll be 40 in a snap of my fingers, everything in the usa is down to cash school health care I was brought up in a very different system, and before my x sure, but it’s not my life right now or for many of us in this economy, so stick by me if u can, I love you all for your help whom have and I hope the future gets easier

but the next few days I wont give a fuck as I’m enjoying Philadelphia and all that love muscle women mmmmm a joke?


Seriously thanks to all that are member plz keep joining doing shoots 4 hours away i do for you in return for your support, love always good nite all, be happy always be back in a few days promise x x

JOANNA aka buff barbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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