TOURING AGAIN ;) here are the dates.

Sep 6 2013 |

Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone that continues to join my site and stay members, I have put everything I have into a large tour in the hopes to meet many of you, my sessions are fun and personalized to you, I’m a real and honest kinda gal who is professional , discrete and understands the love of muscle, I know I do and that’s what it’s all about folks.

I’m currently the biggest I’ve ever been with the level of conditioning I have, I’m hard with definition and have striations in my ass, hams and triceps, now I’m not in comp shape sure I have body fat but I am not fat, I am hard to the touch and am tipping the scale at almost 175lbs at 5ft 2. I had a look at some of the competition and I do respect anyone that does sessions but never call me a fat pig again, after what I saw some were fat and many looked like figure gals however if that’s what you enjoy great,but now I can understand why guys want to see pictures all the time as yrs ago that never happened.

I’m not trying to sound like a bitch here, my whole reason or point for bringing this up is that a few months back I had a post on here in the comment section that I was a fat pig, and some on review boards…we all have to start somewhere, last year I was coming off the back of 3 serious injuries ( a torn bicep tendon, a broken hip and disc issues in my back) plus was only getting serious again about my training I’m talking about the AZIANI shoot that was my first shoot aside an iron belle shoot in 7 yrs.

I can tell you this… I am improving all the time and the last tour I did I had no problem’s entertaining my company, I have been told countless times how much better and improved I have become since last year,if you look at my sessions page those pics were taken in july and I’ve improved again since then, I do believe there are fewer larger built bodybuilders around that’s if your into muscle worship, you don’t have to be big at all to be a great wrestler i take my hat off to them a hard skill to learn and to try to beat the opposite sex.end of the day there is a right girl for every man and i hope you find that girl and stick with them, it gives them support and you a level of comfort.

review sites I hate them always have, if they just wrote legal content and didn’t describe every detail perfect, there are ways to do the same thing without doing that, reviews are a 1 sided view, it doesn’t account for the 100’s you meet whom are gentle men that don’t write. I do agree with reviews if there is a real  problem as no man should be treated without the up most respect as a client,  but it can be written in a more discrete fashion? same as if you enjoyed it, but writing illegal material only draws the wrong attention and seeing many of you are married , or with someone one day it will back fire that is the reason I don’t like them, us gals also want to have a life one day after we retire 😉

These days after many years in this business I am just trying to help or give advice it’s not meant to offend just to think and I am wrong sometimes lol

Below is my schedule, love to meet you , and real bodybuilding fans are the best.


IFBB PRO JOANNA THOMAS is touring and would love to see you, I’m 170 plus big hard condition, please text or call 1st on 941 536 4841 (I find it more personable) or you can email me at are the cities and the dates, I will be staying near to the airports aside nyc .Any questions or inquires please call or email thank you so much. x

LOS ANGLES CA LAX –  09/16/13 – 09/18/13.

LA SAN FRANCISCO SFO –  09/18/13 – 09/20/13.

SEATTLE WASHINGTON SEA – 09/20/13 – 09/21/13.

BOSTON MA BOS – 09/23/13 – 09/25/13.

PITTSBURGH PA PIT – 09/25/13 – 09/26/13.

WASHINGTON DC DCA – 09/26/13 – 09/28/13.

NYC NY MANHATTEN – 10/07/13 – 10/11/13.

ok off to train legs……will b fun to see some old faces and make new friends.xxxxx

THANKYOU all for being members of my site lots of new stuff coming up.


Finally back

Sep 1 2013 |

Dear Friends,

I want to say a huge thx u to those who came to see me in Detroit , New Jersey and Philly.

I had a great time aside from the very first flight , I got a chest cold thx to being stuck up 30,000 feet in the air confined to a small space, so for one of those dates I had to lie in bed all day to kick it wonderful, my trip to Philly couldn’t have gone better I did not have the time to see everyone whom called or txt I hope that I will see you the very next time I go.I am grateful.

I am looking at doing a new shoot in October due to touring and being just me I can’t drive 8 hours the day before a shoot this month, so I will arrange something for here when I get home , my friend has a model in mind so i’ll keep you all posted.

Today I am sorting out touring for this month so it’s a short one, I’ll be posting my dates very shortly after I figure it out.

Plz always call me over emails for apts, its more personal and its a lot faster, your not obligated its just a chat, but plz my phone is not a social thing nor is it to ask to go to somewhere remote, the biz is hard enough these days even going to big cities, this economy is hard for everyone right now, so I am trying to get through it as best I can with many of you all.

I thank you so much for being members of my site, I looked at the updates and I dont see my newer content up I have to see whats going on with that today as it was submitted, the past several months I have done a shoot a month, however my car is broken and its going to cost a lot to fix I hope to fix it after this next set of tours, early oct. so for now can only drive it short distances, that’s was also why I couldn’t go to tampa in 2 weeks,in Oct everything should be back to normal plz give me a little time here, I’m grateful to anyone who is a member of my site, thx u so much, I love you.