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Jan 26 2013 |

Dear Friends

I hit 170 today ha ha ha …..seriously tho i can hardly feel my hands with training so damn hard..doing new pics this weekend.

I will then be updating my wb270 page.

I appologise to those whom have emailed me and to which I have not replied, Im grateful to each and ever email I get, but with working, training its not so easy to reply as id like and Im only one person. if ur email has anything to do with this tour NEWARK, DETROIT, CHICAGO O HARE AND DAVENPORT THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO TXT ME THEN WE CAN EITHER CHAT OR TXT WHATEVER U WISH, u can find my number on website under the cities and states im touring, otherwise due to time I may not get to you and i would love to meet you.

Got to go, sorry its a small one today, but got 300 emails waiting here…;)

Love you

Joanna xxx


Jan 21 2013 |



Dear Jo,
I’m sorry that my review of our meeting in Sarasota hasn’t appeared yet.  This is what I wrote:
“”I recently met Joanna.  She had warned me before, during a very pleasant correspondence, that she was not a serious wrestler, but we agreed on some substantial muscle-worship with fantasy wrestling, mostly scissors and bearhugs, thrown in.
When I met her, she was wearing a little black number which emphasized the tremendous muscularity of her arms and legs.  She gave me a glass of wine, or two, and we chatted about her life.  She told me that she was not a clock-watcher, and I can confirm this.  After I changed, she showed me into her bedroom, and the bed was the scene for the action.
I started by trying to get my hands around her very large biceps.  It was fascinating to watch them work as she tensed and relaxed them, and gracefully moved her arms into varying positions.  At my request, she put a bearhug on me, with me lying on top of her, then falling to the side as I tried to get out of it, and boy did I want to get out of it.  The pressure was much more than I could take, and I had to ask her to stop.  Then we tried a body scissors.  I was face-down, and she lay on her side to my right.  She hasn’t got long legs, but they are long enough to lock around an opponent’s body so that the great thigh muscles can exert their awful strength.  As soon as the pressure started building, I knew that I was in trouble.  I pushed at thighs, knees, ankles, but it was hopeless.  There was no way of attacking the legs; the quads were like granite.  I took it as long as I could, then tapped out.
After the punishment, I took a few minutes’ rest while she told me how her namesake Jennifer Thomas had taught her some wrestling moves.  Jo is quite a mimic, and she had me laughing as she described the contrast between Jennifer’s light voice and the frightening effectiveness of her wrestling moves.
Then we hit it again for I don’t know how long – well over the scheduled hour.  As much bearhug, scissor, grapevine and worship as I wanted – or could take.  What a very lovely and welcoming lady, and what incredible strength.”
I sent that to wb270 some time ago, and didn’t follow up, thinking that it would be published.  I have only today looked at the site, didn’t see it there, checked emails, and found an email from wb270 to say that they only publish reviews of 100 words or fewer.  And I had written 381!
OK, I’ll trim it to 100 words.  It won’t do justice to our session, but there you go.  I’ll do my best.  Look for something from “paperboycubed”.  (You remember the old game: scissors cuts paper….)  If there is a place on your own site for reviews, then please feel free to use the full piece.
I really loved our session.  You are a very powerful and beautiful lady; you are also intelligent, considerate and kind.  I look forward to seeing you again.
Love and muscle,
Kevin xxxx

Tour dates and a lil chat on sessions.;)

Jan 21 2013 |

Dear Friends.

I will be touring very soon, those who have emailed me i will be doing emails everyother day this week or u can txt me with the number I have provided to the various sites, here is my schedule.




DAVENPORT FL ( 10 mins from disney , 20/.30mins from orlando plus i have a car 😉 4TH 5TH.

u can email me on

6 yrs ago many guys were happy to see a worldclass level body for muscle worship and fun, what Im seeing now is a lot of new guys asking for more unusual stuff, ( nothing wrong with that let me cont) Im 5ft 2 and 168lbs in much better shape than my new updates for the site and can txt anyone a new pic, what im saying is guys whom are heavier than me asking for lift and carry, like lifting them above my head, or martial arts or comp wrestling, arm wrestling.

I offer an experience to meet a worldclass level body in person,I am professional, discret and fair. I am into sensual muscleworship, fantasy style wrestling but when it comes to scissors/choke holds i do a mean one,I have very strong legs. I never claimed to be the worlds best wrestler that in itself is an art as is building my body the last 20 plus yrs, its not that Im not into some of the things mentioned but its depends on the clients size, i dont really get it, to me a guy meets a beautiful package and he wants to do ??? lol I am also into roleplay and have a lot of fun with that plus domination u dont ness have to kick a guys ass to be enjoy some fetish including ball busting and forced worship to name a few or senarios where im ur small girlfriend and then i take a suppliment and im suddenly huge, ive even dressed up as super girl b4 😉

What Im trying to say is Im seeing a shift in what guys want, it also reflects the times where our own industry is phasing out womens bodybuilding for a smaller alerterative, even when womens bodybuilding was strong 10yrs ago the women could not get sponsors, sessions were a way for us who are into the bodybuilding to make a living and to meet fans who love what we do. I am an openminded person, but it worries me that even in the session biz the want to meet a sexy bodybuilder seems to be changing, therefore it leaves me to wonder why am i killing myself in the gym all the time??

I have nothing but admiration for the ladies that can do some of these other things which have taken them yrs of hard work, the same thing with me building a great body,one thing I would say tho is while Im honest about not being the best at certain things others are claiming to be great bodybuilders to which Im sorry they are not..if they were they would be a pro or a national level at least same in their chosen craft which i would prob suck at half of them….one thing about me is that Im a very honest person lol Im not saying here that i just stand there in an apt but there are certain things due to my height or not learning such as martial arts that i really cannot do, so my whole point to this is if there are guys out there who love muscle, its their MAIN thing then I am the gal for you, if the session biz is also turning its back on the bodybuilders then we really dont have a place in the world do we??

On a lighter note….I met a great videographer from the tampa area so i have one thing off my list, i now have to get 2 models , what im looking for is small guys and gals for now, I have dozens of ideas for videos, of which I would post on this site and a clips4sale store that Im looking to open, Im have to build up the material so when  it launchs its updated several times a week. I dont just want a basic store  my goal would be to make it one of the best wouldnt anyone??

This blog wasnt meant to offend anyone or to sound negative im just writing what ive experienced this last couple of weeks, I feel as tho Im having to prove myself to people when out of 600 ladies whom do apts i am one of 4 that has ever done the ms Olympia, I waited 18mths b4 I began doing sessions again until I knew I had a decent body that was last yr in august , since then I have improved ten fold thx to the support of those who have met me, my site, cam and some painting 😉

I will be updating my page nxt mth, i will be doing some new pics, write up and reviews so for new guys getting into this they can read my past what i have achieved and what Im about and what i do, another thing thats really changed is a thing about reviews, yrs ago i met 100s of people, but because I like my privacy i always asked people to never mention my name, but what im  seeeing is new guys wanting reviews due to maybe not having a good experience or simply because they are curious,im really not sure. I just feel that with reviews its half the story and our biz to me was always seperate from others, i think making the session biz 2 out there will cause nothing but damage, but again thats my opinion, I choose not to even go on boards these days yrs ago i did when i 1st came to the usa but it was a contant battle with trolls and guys that said mean things about bodybuiders, the other day i heard guys were even complaining about an email I wrote so hell I wouldnt want to even see the rest, all i can tell u is I enjoy doing sessions, the whole point of them is fun, while Im having fun Ill continue to tour but I will not tolerate pigs, I am polite to those who treat me with respect but for anyone whom has seen the other side of me then it was for good reason.

yes we all have bad days and I make mistakes dont we all ?but in general I try my best everyday and for those muscle fans that enjoy bodybuilding know i train hard for you and would be very happy to see u one day in person 😉

got to get on with these emails, if u have emailed me i will be in touch asap or plz txt me.

Ur gal in iron. Buff barbie ( aka the original)

4lb gain biggest ever and travel

Jan 13 2013 |

Dear Friends

Hope all is well with you?

Im pretty busy on catch up as I got a chest infection on monday 1st one in 18yrs , id been around sick people from the uk to the usa lol for a mth so i ended up getting it everyone i know has had it, so i had to take several days off, I am getting there, still on antibiotics for another 4 days then ill be right as rain.

While I was in the Uk it was amazing i found my groove and enjoyed training without the pressure of life and gained a solid 4lbs , it means i am now around 168 to 170lbs and my measurements are the biggest they have ever been, my arms are 16 but they are lean , my quads are 25 and my calves are 17, ive never had 17 inch calves, arms yes 16 and  half but yrs ago when i was a pup and fat with it, I am lean all over much leaner than the newest updates but beeing truthful yes u can pinch an inch if u try hard on my abbs but the rest of me is very lean, if i were to diet down  id be the biggest in shape ever, i want to gain a little more on my rear delt upper chest, hamstring and quad sweep, then if im able to slow down the touring will be able to diet, its very timely and expensive to do it right, same with competing its best to find a coach that is in so to speak whom will give u a good name as well as train u well, with so many great competitors in the ifbb and with one weight class now which i think is wrong a good body doesnt cut it anymore its about many things, this yr i hope to sort some things close to home then i could then focus on competing, its time and as usual money.

I will be making personal appearances this mth, jan 28th to 30th newark, 30th to 1st detriot, 1st to 3rd chicago o hare and last davenport fl 4th and 5th feb, i always stay where theres a gym ( of hotel sorts) and resturant on site i have to to at least maintain and eat. if ud like to see me for some wrestling or muscle worship fun or if u are a true fan whom would like to meet me plz email me at, my apts are about muscle, so make sure ur into muscle and find that fun if u want to meet me, I also help with personal training and diets, ive helped people turn pro and ive helped people to loose over 100lbs.

I have sent new material before xmas to the site, so i have to find out where it is as i havent seen it posted, will get back to you on that one, i will be taking some new pics the end of jan in newark.

IF UD LIKE TO BE A MODEL FOR ME AS IM PLANNING FUTURE SHOOTS DOESNT MATTER FOR NOW WHERE U LIVE ITS JUST TO COLLECT UR INFO FOR NOW, heres the thing u have to be on the small side u cant be 250lbs ideally guys whom are under 150 or are slim in build, yes i can use the bigger guys for other things as i have around 30 ideas at least i want to portray on cam, so again plz email me i could use the clips for this site and for a future clips4sale store.

u can also support me by seeing me on or a pvt cam show, it all helps, thx u to those whom are members of my site, it does help and i want the site to grow again as it used too before, i know competing would help but i just have a some things i must take care of from my past before i can do that, its really annoying but its the truth, i have 1 big thing to sort which im not sure how long will take , the more fans meet me and cam with me the faster I can sort it and the faster i can do what i really want to do 😉 be ur buffbarbie…if i dont say anything u will think im just a lazy bitch thats why im being honest i really dont want to have to say anything.

ok got to go cam….i miss being on the stage.

Joanna ( aka buffbarbie)


2013 updates

Jan 10 2013 |

Dear  Friends

A belated happy new yr to you all, I had the best time with my family, i almost didnt want to leave ;( as we get older family and more meaningful things start to take over i guess) it was the best xmas I have had in a long time, my nieces are now 7 yrs old wow crazy and i want to make sure Im in their lives more as they hardly know me ive met them 3 times in the last 2 yrs, im hoping that if i get enough support from my travel i can afford to come home more often, i thought travelling to the Uk would afftect my training but it had the opposite effect I actually gained around 4lbs of solid size, more than i have here in mths, im seriously thinking about going home later in the yr for a mth or 2 as it really helped my training, i was training in the gym i started out of as a 15yr old it has a lot of memories for me.

my problem these days is that living here in the usa is so expensive, i prefer it here etc than the uk but the isssue of just living here plus then the bodybuilding is a lot to deal with, many yrs ago my life was much different and without sounding negative as im fine im just saying its not that way now, it never is when u do a comeback, im bigger in some bodyparts than i was when i was competing my calves just measured 17inches thats the most ive ever had, this yr for me will be a hard one, as u know i came to sarasota west coast 2 yrs ago nxt mth from a situation i best not discuss 😉 but i have rebuild  my life from a suitcase and that takes a lot, i now have the basics in life and am working hard at my body but this year i have to take care of some old biz from the past id rather forget but is essential for me to live here so when i tell u im giving u my all I really am, the whole bodybuilding world is not the same as it used to be its been watered down with 2 many guys and gals that think they should be here and to me its ruining the very essence of the sport just my opinion and hate me if u will but ive had a very good seat and view from the start so i know what im talking about, what Im talking about is fans yes i do hear from some but many are not they have no idea about bodybuilding, even on tour i get a lot of  BS which i never did in the past its just another sign of the times.

So all im asking is for the gentlemen to step forward even by email with support or maybe staying a member of my site, or seeing me on cam or seeing me in person, I am one of the most honest and real people u will ever meet, Im down to earth and friendly, i have a lot of plans for this site i want to do new shoots with models the works but it all costs a lot, so the more support I get this yr the more I can bring buffbarbie to life.

I was always told to write my blog with rainbows and butterflies and maybe i should but as i get older thats not where im at, im after real fans with real care then I can become the woman I want to be and u will see not just buffbarbie but me and thats the guys i want on my site, so for every rep and set i take in the gym it means something, do u realise that u fans have become our ladies sponsors?? the iffbb has never cared about the women and so thx u for being there for us and supporting us anyway u can, I am grateful.

Im training still for size when i feel comfortable and the funds ill do some amazing new content u have to trust me on this i never lie, i had a bad chest infection 1st one in 18yrs everyone around me has had a cough cold flu for the past mth and i was fine but monday i woke up as u know i was asthmatic from birth well i couldnt breathe i had to go to my docs by the time i got there i had pins and needles all over my body, i felt like a 45lb plate was on my chest, i got oxygen and a nebulizer reminded me of being 9yrs old, its now 48hrs later and im dosed up to the max with antibiotics, anti imflammatorties and 2 inhalers it shall pass just not the best start to the yr lol i did train today tho i had 2 days off.

So i pray that we all have a great 2013, 2012 for me was just sorting my life and training, this yr is the final hurdles then i can be free and live my life on my own terms as i did when i was one of the best, provided the whole industry could be what it was 6 yrs ago lol so far not sure what to make of it all  got to learn the new ways i guess some im ok with and some im not, but trust me when i say i have a  lot of plans in my head for the site it will happen even if its solo stuff but my plans were for much bigger ideas i hope to do sometime.

Im happy im feeling a bit better i will be touring to NEWARK, DETROIT,CHICAGO O HARE AND ORLANDO,end jan im happy to txt anyone thats serious about seeing me a pic as im much different now than the new content u see here that was taken last yr in august 5mths ago wow time flies. and no i wont be ill by then its 3 weeks away ill be back to my reg self lol

I love the singer RITA ORA she has a song thats says RIP TO THE GIRL U USED TO SEE HER DAYS ARE OVER, BABY SHES OVER, and thats how i feel about my past got to get her album here in the usa my uk one wont work here global sales and all that.

ill be back asap and more often i just needed time to get back from the uk, get set up with work and then my cold lol now onward and upward my physique is starting to look fucking amazing …..on or off the stage im one of the best INSIDE AND OUT.

love 2 all of u that send me emails , or support me in anyway…. not just find my free shit and jerk off to it that really doesnt help my comeback ;))) if u really care for one of us join our sites i know life is not cheap i know myself what its like to earn a min wage etc but im saying if u can afford too, or even a nice supportive email is all it takes to motivate me.

love to u all , peace be with u always