Dec 16 2012 |

Dear Friends,

I have spent the last week in London Feltham doing personal appearences and I wanted to thank all of you that came to support me in m my comeback to the Uk/London, more than 20 of you came and some from as far as other european countries which I was totally flattered by ๐Ÿ˜‰ it had been more than 5 yrs since my return to the Uk and only since august that I began touring again and so I am grateful to everyone that met me, called my , txt me or emailed me even if it didnt work out its the thought that counts, plus I saw some I have not seen in over 8 yrs as well as some new faces, there were a few idiots but you get that everywhere u go but in general much less than many places I have tried lol.

I never lie about anything and am very honest about my comeback as many of u saw when u met me, I am in hard offseason shape enjoy the muscleworship side of things and am very friendly and caring, if anyone has ever seen another side of me its for a good reason, I am still adding size to my body although I am hard all over my goal is to be one of the best again on of off the stage these things take time, support, good health and money, so when people meet me its my sponsorship, if things go as planned within the nxt yr to 18mths I will be in amazing shape, as I try to tell those who only love the ripped look you have to have an offseason to have an onseason, staying lean all the time doesnt help you gain muscle as well as if u add a little weight then ur body doesnt have to decide what to do with the fuel you put in weather to survive or to gain muscle from your wokouts.the support I get now helps me in life but to also get back to where i should nevwr have got off lesson in life learned ๐Ÿ˜‰

I WILL BE IN LONDON ON THE 23RD DEC FOR 1 NITE, I am already busy until 6.30pm so will be free after that until late or until 11am 24thย for further information txt my UK MOBILE 07716864259 or email me a if anything changes I will post it here.

Im driving lol today down to my family for xmas today a 5 hr drive on the wrong side of the road and the car for me these days, it takes me a couple of mins to get my brain around it lol so watch out from avis car rental around noon today for a crazy bodybuilder driving out of the carpark, just kidding Im a very good driver actually on both sides of the pond and i drive stick on both sides of a car.

I hope that everyone is getting back to normal in the northeast after Sandy, it does take time, and I do think about it everyday as i know how it feels to a point with Wilma in 05.

I will return to the USA on the 29th december, and I will be touring the usa in 2013 when I can, although I like it its not good for training a bit of a catch 22 there but know I try to do the best I can, I noticed I really improved a lot when I was home for a month in novemeber despite my bicep tendon tear, if u live in a city and ud like to meet me ( crazy me) then plz contact me, and plz know I am grateful for every kind email, card, donation and call and staying members to the site helps me also. I sent a disc of new content it was done around the same time as the newer content on the site now, I know I was a little on the heavy side and I am no longer as heavy, during jan and feb I will, be getting into the best shape poss, saving up to sort out some really cool new shoots/content, involving models and things u have never seen me do before on this site, I will try my best to make sure it happens but want to make sure i look right 1st, aside the touring which affects this it will help to fund the shoots Im thinking to do, time to shake it up in 2013.

have to say my birthday sucked, it started with a noshow at noon whom had promised champangne etc the time came and went and no response what I didnt know was the poor guy had his wallet stolen on the train and had no way to contact me, but at the time I thought what a wanker for standing me up on my birthday as it happens a lot at times in the usa we call it noshows in the biz, i then decided to go into london to watch wicked as its not easy being in a hotel rm on ur own on ur birthday esp a 12 12 12 one thats special wicked its the broadway show, so i get dressed up in a new gown I bought for xmas and got a cab, the traffic was bad which i didnt know Im not from london, when i got there i was 20mins late ans they refused to let me buy a ticket ( i had gone online that afternoon to buy one at ticket master and it wouldnt allow me too) so in I went to be told that when the show starts they cash out so thats that, I said it was my birthday etc to no avail so out I went without watching the show, I think thats bloody stupid people can be late not impressed. so I went to a pub called the shakespear meet a few lads who got me a birthday drink, gave a homeless man begging for 20 pense ( like 25cents) 20 pounds like 30 bucks made his nite its fucking cold in london id hate to be homeless in that weather poor man, then got a cab home I wasted 120 uk pounds to go to a show I never saw thats like coming on for 200 bucks well at least I made someone else happy that nite which makes me feel warm inside but what a shit birthday lol….any offers for nxt yr Im in

Ok….could ramble all day, yea I type as I talk and yes its not easy to read, Im a bodybuilder not the best typer but I mean well.

my sister is now recovering from her bike accident , my brother inlaw and my sister owns the only gym in my town, its small but has all the equipment ull ever need its the same gym I started training at at 15 and it helped me turn pro, u dont always need a gym with 20 treadmills and a pool, some gyms are getting so far away from us hardcore bodybuilders…SAVE THE BEEF I nxt week Ill be training at the very gym I started at 21yrs ago….weird but great.

Ok guys well got to go pack, thx u all again here in london for seeing me I had a blast and u really made my week.

Ok got to go pack and get on the road, love to you all and plz know this site in 2013 is going to be offf the charts…

Joanna ( aka the original buffbarbie fuck the imitations ๐Ÿ˜‰