Happy Holidays

Nov 23 2012 |

Dear Friends

I hope u all had the best thx giving yesterday?

I went to a friends house as i did last yr, they are my usa family, they were then ones that helped me to come to the west coast last yr in feb and in someways saved my life or at least allowed me to return to the life that i had had or wanted to have and thus I have done so, it was a great evening last yr we had just me and them 3 of us with a huge turkey, but this yr we had 9, we had people from the usa, the uk, sweden and asia.

It was a great nite and it showed me just how far I have come in the last 21mths, I also plated some food for some friends of mine, i remember when things werent so good for me and a neighbour gave me thx giving dinner on a plate, so u do as u have done to u, i always do my best to help others but always did.

my training is going great lower body my legs are def growing, got a great training partner for that, my upper im rehabing and am at 50 to 75% of weights so its maintaining while i relearn to lift with 3 bicep tendons instead of 4, its a weird feeling i have to say, my chest and tricep tendon are making some weird sensations on my right side and without health insurance ( cant get it) i cant afford surgery so im doing the best i can while it relearns, what a fucking pain in the ass tho, as my training was going so well. Im happy with my size but am now refining it, meaning u add specific size to certain areas, then u diet, it takes time, many yrs ago it took me 9yrs like a robot to get to 7th in the world, after having 3/4 yrs off im lucky i have muscle memory so the size has come back but as u saw from my august pics im heavy lol but i didnt look like a bodybuilder yet, its a long process, but i know what im doing, so 2013 will be a good yr for me ull see each time i do new content that i improve and i will get to being oneof the best again, on or off the stage, the industry killed itself from the inside out for just a few and so my goals are to improve for myself , keep an eye on things and go from there, although the industry claims its not political it is, i know a lot about it, theres reason i havent competed in quite some time, but u have to trust me im working on things and ull see right here what i plan to do.

Plz enjoy ur holidays, i will be going to see my own family in the Uk nxt mth, my gran is 95yrs old now yeah  so its important i go home each yr.

also enjoy the many yrs of content on this site lots of sexy fun and real bodybuilding plus the person I am today and the one im changing into.

I need ur support and loyalty to do this and i never forget those who do, I am grateful, you guys are the sponsors the ladies should have been getting over the yrs so we are all very grateful to you, so keep loving us and we will keep pumping the iron 😉

Thx U

Joanna ( aka the original buffbarbie)

12 12 12

Nov 19 2012 |

Dear friends

I just realised that my nxt birthday will be 12 12 12 how many people experience that in their lifetime?

For the mth of nov my life has been something like this wake up 1hour cardio, emails, work painting all day , home emails , workout and cardio then home maybe a rest or emails again lol been one busy lady, i am making as much progress as my life allows these days with work and injury, in 04 to 05 i never worried about working it was great i worked out and ate, rested and life was simple with less stress thats the environment u really need to get to the top, this nxt yr i am taking care of some final things from my past that will allow me to live more that way again, it just takes time, but I am trying the best that i can and I am improving, ull see nxt yr when i do a bunch new stuff and over time each shoot ill improve with ur support.

my leg training is going great as i take that day off work lol and upper body im still being careful with it, sticking to a much stricter diet and doing cardio, i hope u all enjoy the hrs of content this site offers and look for a personal email from me when u join, im grateful to you all.



Travel update

Nov 8 2012 |

Dear Friends.

I just waanted to inform you of my latest travel for personal appearences.

Dec 3rd – 4th Boston , Dec 4th – 6th Nyc manhatten, London UK Dec 9th – 16th.

For further information on this or any other questions please email me at projotrainer@yahoo.com or u can call me on 941 536 4841.

However this number is for personal appearances only or sponsorship thx u


Joanna ( aka the original buffbarbie)

Sandy, family and new updates

Nov 7 2012 |

Dear Friends

Firstly I want to send out all my love and support to those who have been affected  by hurricane Sandy and now a new storm, before it hit I reached out to anyone I had saved in my cell from boston down to dc, I know how it feels as i went through hurricane Wilma in 2005 in Fort Lauderdale.Our area didnt get any power turned on for a mth, it was a cat 3, I stayed in it 10days and then left to stay with a friend and jumped straight in a bath.

I appolgise for the delay in my blog oct has been a very unusual month, it started off 5 weeks ago at the gym when i was training arms, I was doing the 2nd excersise and 3 sets in on a preacher curl bench with a 32.5lb dumbell. I felt and heard a massive ripping sound and my training partner grabbed the dumbell, we went to the er and they were no help at all it was faster for me to go the next day to pay for my own mri and see my orthopedic doctor. as i expected I tore my long bicep tendon completely off the bone on my right arm, now it sounds bad but the good news is that its the only one out of the four that they dont do surgery on, as u dont need to u can still bend ur arm and with a bit of time train, it just takes the body a little time to adjust as Im finding out lol im getting weird feelings in my chest and tricep tendons and am doing around 50% of the weight id reg do for upperbody its my body basically  relearning how to move itself without it, as of now I am training legs full speed and my upper I am taking my time with, what I am doing is dieting and doing 2 hours of cardio to drop down some bodyfat.

That was a thursday and that same sunday i embarked on a 6 city tour, so it shows you I am comitted to those who support me 😉

The tour took 2 weeks total with a 3 day gap, 2 days after i got home my parents came from the Uk for 2 wks its the 1st time they had been to the usa in 8years and I wanted to give them the best holiday ever which I did, i took them out daily we did many things, I wanted to spend as much time as i could with them as its the 2nd time in 3 years i had seen them, the great news is I am going to the uk in dec and will be seeing them again this xmas.

I have a new disc of new material I will be sending my webmaster shortly, and over the next 2 mths will be getting leaner for my nxt shoot, I will be using a new photographer in orlando and also models for the 1st time so my site will be changing in what it shows in both video and photos, size comparison, some wrestling more fantasy style tho 😉 and then the naughty things that i get up to in a fantasy one on one with me, plus enjoy some fun with some girls, but thats what I have planned to 2013, plus some reg solo stuff.

I am home for the month of nov to focus on the gym as its not easy when u travel and will be doing some work as i did before painting, poss some webcam.

I want to thx everyone who is a member of my site, I am on my comeback and that takes time and support and so I thx u for this, my site will continue to improve , grow and add new and different styles of content.

i will be in the following cities in december BOSTON, NYC, LONDON UK, please email me at projotrainer@yahoo.com for any info, please allow a few days for me to reply or u can find my schedule and number of which you can txt me which can be much easier and faster on the following sites www.wb270.com and www.sessiongirls.com

I love you all and please keep supporting me as well as all the ladies of the iron world 😉


Joanna ( aka the 1st and original BUFFBARBIE…ingnore the imitations lol)