New Site, New Content

Sep 29 2012 |

Dear Friends,

I hope u are enjoying the new site layout?

It basically covers everything from my career over the last 10 years, as i told u my new material is very offseason lol

I now have a great new training partner and while I am in town he is really kicking my ass and so am making improvments, muscle memory etc

The only thing thats really affecting my training is the travel, its not easy to eat right or train on the road but I promise you I am doing the best i can. I have noticed my weights are going up in the gym which means I am growing and so Im in what we call a growth cycle, when u do this generally u eat well to build the size, if i were to be dieting right now it would afftect my size, the diet will start once I plateu.

i am really enjoying training again for the 1st time in a long time, this next yr I will probably surpase the best i ever looked once I diet down, so far so good on  the injuries. so again a reason to stay a member 😉

The new content is far more racy than what i used to do, its a sign of maturity and being comfortable u know what they say about cougers, lol so as i get older ill get crazier. i was a little nervous as it was my 1st shoot in many years and the most sexual, I have lots of ideas for the future, including using models and props etc to build some dif styles of material for the site. but for now enjoy these tasty introductions more will be on its way..growl 😉

I had considered doing a clips4sale site but looking into it and talking to a few pros that run the sites for you, it costs a lot of money to get it started, not just a basic thing but if i were to update daily and do hardcore etc etc etc we are talking thousands to get it going, so it will be something i will start probably in the new year, I have other priorities right now including getting my citizenship, a better car etc etc etc but once Im in the right positon to start one it will be done professionally frm running it to the content, its a very big job.and one i am not quite ready for yet, i will keep u posted when it happens.

I am touring this next mth plz chck the for the schedule.

Plz enjoy my site, my muscle and the things i like to do with it….;)

Hugs and scissors

Joanna ( aka Buffbarbie)

1 big happy girl..

Sep 19 2012 |

Dear friends.

wow its been a bit nonstop the last 6 weeks with travel, I have seen some amazing places and people and I wanted to thx all those who have supported me on my travels.I went to AZ, dallas, boston, nyc and the florida keys ( holiday) 😉

I hope u saw the NEW CONTENT STAR  up on the site front page? as i promised you I have new content going up now, im a sorry that it took a bit, but now is all on and up and there will be nothing but new content from offseason to a near contest shape, I shot at least 5mths worth and will continue to shoot more and so plz enjoy I know that I had a lot of fun doing it.

I just starting working out with a friend of mine who is a 23 year old bodybuilder, he is a bit bottom heavy and as you know my legs were always the hardest to get and with my stress fracture 5 months ago I wanted someone there to spot me to make sure I am doing the best I can, I can only train with him when I am home which is around half the mth, we have done 3 workouts so far and Ive really enjoyed it and been very sore, which is a good thing as that means Im changing. I am changing by the month and im sure you will see so too. I love it when I feel hard and people start to stare at me where ever I go, that means I am getting back to how I was as back then i got the same reaction lol I love it.

So life is going great for me right now, the happiest I have been in many years, and it just keeps on getting better, most of it is due to my own hard work and determination, no matter how bad things in life can seem it can change, you just have to dig in deep and work at it and belive in yourself and it will get better. I am finally doing what I love again in life and getting back to travel, training and doing amazing new content for this site, if u are a member I am very grateful to you.

I have found a great video guy in the Orlando area whom also gets models, so for the 1st time I will be doing different kinds of content for the site, I want to do girl girl and also what i call fantasy session senarios..I have many, from wrestling to miuscle worship to fetish to sensual ( with male and female models) once theres a mth of new content left I will spend a day there doing some of the most crazy stuff u have ever seen me do normally stuff that  save for private…this site helps me live my dream in the USA I love this country and so plz enjoy the new material and the years of older content.

I have recently found some 8 by 10 pics that I didnt know I had they are of me in 2001 a head shot done by bill dobbins in a hat, I was just 24.I only have several left, if u would like to have one plz send me an email and an offer for a donation ( min $25) and will send u one signed personally by me.

I am thinking of getting a new tatoo on my forearm saying THE UNIQUE PART OF YOU WILL ONLY LEAD YOU TO GREATNESS.

I just went to keywest for the 1st time last weekend, it was a great place, it was also a bike rally or something the streets were so busy. I probably had too many drinks lol but it was a vacation for me and it was great to relax in style. I also bought some clothes that u wouldnt find is Sarasota, got to get some BLING ON..;)

I will be travelling to the following places in oct if you want to find out more about it or have any questions plz email me at  LA, SF, HOUSTON, CHICAGO,DETRIOT,ST.LOUIS.

My parents are coming in oct for 2 weeks its been 8 years since they came and they have never been to sarasota, so I am so excited, got lots planned for them to do and see, so ive helped a friend of mine get some work by helping me spring clean lol its imaculate.

If you would like to support my comeback I am always interested in any biz ideas, sponsorship or simply stay a member on my site, I am in great shape and am getting bigger and stronger and harder by the month, its all here for you to see and in the future with my playmates.

I want to say thx you for all you support, I have sent a personal email to each person that joins to thx u, enjoy my website , enjoy my body and stay around for more intimate content.

in happiness

Joanna Thomas ( aka Buff barbie)