Arizona , Tampa and new content

Aug 9 2012 |

Dear Friends,

I went to Arizona last week, it was an amazing sight flying into the airport, there were mountains all around, its just a huge desert bowl, while I thought Florida weather was hot, OMG it was at least 10 to 20 higher it was like walking inside of an oven ….obviously ive never been inside an over Im too big but u get what im saying i was told its like that 3 months of the year then its so i hope when I go again its nice.

I went to shoot new content for my site, the 1st day was a paid shoot, but the second day we shared the content, we did 5 scenes in total, consisting of around 200 photos and 8 mins of video, I had a pro hair and make up artist each day, although in the past ive done nude this was a little more adult meaning at the end of the shoot I did solo masturbation and even some toys ๐Ÿ˜‰ I even used a machine for the 1st time a sabian I think it was called, its a black box with a toy on top whcih both swivles and vibrates, i am totally new at playing with myself infront of a camera and was very nervous so i hope u like it ?

I am only now starting to feel ok with my training since my fracture, I am a work in progress right now, with leg training I still cant go heavy heavy but each week I can see progress, for example last week I could only do 2 plates a side on leg press while this week it was 3, years ago i did 7 so i have a ways to go, upper body training is going great, the problem with my legs is the only way they grow is to do a belt knee wraps and go crazy heavy for low reps, for now I cant take the risk.

I have started to get some interest asd people and sites discover I am back, although I want new material of me out there Im also cautious because I know now I am focused on training and not injured etc I will look totally different in 6 months going from decent to great, I was there b4 i can do it again, having 3 to 4 years off training was a bad move, i wish it never happened and it will never again, all i can do id my best, one problem is with travel its hard to make gains when ur on the road but its a case of i need too so I will do the very best that i can.

The new material is being edited and as soon as I get it the site will start to have new updates, plus on the 16th to 19th I will be shooting again for the site so it will have several months of new content just know as i train the next year i will improve, i need your support not comparisons to 10 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to the Tampa Pro this friday, I have a shoot for so go check that out,i also had a txt frm another site but the name escapes me we may shoot or we may wait but ill be seeing them at the show, I have a ton of ideas andย  plans for the next 2 years as it happens ill let you know, one plan I have is to shoot some new stuff and put it on clips for sale it will be my own solo project. I am saving right now so I can employ people to do the shoot etc.

I saw Amber Delluca in Florida 2 nites ago, it had been 5 years yea too long she had been to fetish con in Tampa, shes a very busy lady, she is very unique due to her size and looks she is 5 10 over 200 and exotic no wonder she does well and shes a hard worker, I always thought wow if I were that tall Id also be over 200 wow amazing thing, at 5 2 and at 154 and solid right now thats big for my height.

Ok go to go lots to do before I go to Tampa, please join my site and enjoy the many years of hard work i have put into my body and the ton of new content that will be up soon.


Joanna ( aka Buffbarbie)