New content and ur support

Jul 28 2012 |

Dear Friends,

I have to tell you I have been giving it my all in returning to bodybuilding while Ive been physically able too I have just began to train my legs again after a 3 month layoff due to a S I JOINT fracture, I have also got my bodyfat down to a midseason shape , I around 150 to 153lbs my goal this next year is to get down to around 145lbs stay leaner and get a little bigger. 2 months ago i was working as a painter for a condo association, now I have taken a break from that due to the hot weather and wanting to focus more on my training I wanted to be able to make a living again from how I look etc.

I have recently spent around $1000 on suppliments, new outfits, several airline flights and hotels in a bid to get myself out there and to travel to places to shoot new content, next week I fly to arizona to do a 2 day shoot and also in the month of august Im going to dallas to shoot for several days these pics will be midseason style and considering I havent been really into training for very long Im look good, so right now I have put pretty much every penny into this so I will improve my site, all I ask for is for fans to support me in joining my site or staying joined to  my site, another way to support me is webcam shows or even meeting me in person.

My goal is to kickstart my site again  and with whats been planned it certainly will so PLEASE SUPPORT ME  I am certain you will enjoy lots of new content we are shooting this month.

I will also be attending the Tampa Proshow , the europa show in dallas and the npc nats, come up and say hello.

If u are interested in sponsoring me please email me.

Ill blog next week from arizona and let u know what we shot and what fun I got into, theres talk of me shooting big ass guns in the desert??


Love Joanna ( aka Buffbarbie THE ORIGINAL)

Fort Lauderdale and more

Jul 16 2012 |

Hi Friends

I am coming to the end of my visit to fort lauderdale it was weird because it had been a few year since i took time to drive around it not just going to the southern states, i did go on saturday but left well before the end the show is way too long man, the highlight of the whole evening was lenda murray, we met back stage and she knew who i was we both competed the same years well i did 2 years of her 8 ms Os, we talked about a few personal things and she gave me her number, i still get nervous when i meet her as she was the main reason i began training , a truely wonderful woman, if i ever compete again id ask her to train me.

I have solid news on new content for te site, i am going to arizona the 30th july to 3rd to shoot and do personal appearences, and again to dallas to see my webmaster the 16th – 22nd the same thing. i am down to 150 now will try to drop to 145. one thing i do want to mention is most of my pics are at least 5 years old, i took 3 years off completly i started back training around 2 years ago and its still a work in progress, training has been on and off due to several serious injuries, i feel people will expect me to look the same as i did 10 yeas ago and that not going to happen at this stage, what I can promise is the next year i will focus more on my training as the last year i focused on me mentally etc, so in the next year hopefully without injuries i will continue to look better and better and better its a work in progress i will improve.

Ok got to go take a nap, driving home tom, if u emailed me this week ill answer your emails soon i just wanted to have a little break here. u will hear from me the next couple of days, and like i always say calling me is much better than email anyway, either way tho if ud like to see me or sponsor me or for anything business related/meeting related email is  cell 9415364841 and please remember the time no calls after midnight thx u…so NEW MATERIAL WILL BE UP IN AUGUST.


Jo ( aka BBX)

wham bam crash

Jul 10 2012 |

hi Friends

2 days ago my dad called me and i thought thats weird I only talked to him yesterday, then he said I have bad news, my first thought was my grandmother as she is 94 years old, then he starts to say ur sister niki…

my sister nicola thomas shaw turned pro in bodybuilding back in 1997 i did in 1998, she was a track star as a child until 14, then did bodybuilding and is now training to do time trial cycling and other types of bike comps,

so my dad continues he told me she was on her bike and a car did not see her (back home in the town we are from camborne cornwall uk) so she gets hit and she goes over the top of the car, thank god she was wearing a helmet as it saved her life, she took the brunt of the hit with her jaw and her shoulder and then onto the floor, it ended up she fractured her jaw both sides and her collarbone, she had to go for surgery that day and have several titanium plates put into her face great huh??

She told me she doesnt remember anything but being on her bike one min the next she thought she was waking up in her bed but she was on the pavement and she thought what am i doing here? she is an er nurse 37 a mother of twin 6yr old girls she has had to take off 2 months from her job.

The crazy part is the guy that hit her has not license no registration of the car etc, she hasd to go to the local police station to make a statment hopefully she can do something cival against him.

U never know when shit will happen in life thats why i said life is too short and I learned that the hard way the last few years, my sister and I have not always seen eye to eye but this last year we have become very close again and I love her dearly , I hope anyone that reads this will say a little prayer for her, thanks for reading thats all for tonitexxx

I have updates on photo opps exact dates locations etc ill bolg this weekend Ill be in fort lauderdale, I will be doing a lot of work for this site i know its about fucking time but i have a lot going on so trust me i know this.


Jo ( aka Buffbarbie)



Happy July 4th

Jul 4 2012 |

Hey friends


Just be careful with the fireworks, I cant believe they let u buy all that stuff here, in the Uk its a lot harder etc due to saftey.

Im going to be talking to a guy that owns the site

We are planning my 1st shoot with them and they are developing a new site to be called aziani iron. ill be doing nudes and so solo play lol it will be in arizona scottsdale when i fixed the dates Ill let u know as Im going to stay a couple of days for personal apperances i dont think its a magnet for that but u never know , ive never tried it.

I just ordered a bodyfat caliper kit from amazon and get friday as im dieting for the 1st time in a while and the scale is messing with my head, ur weights irrelivent its if ur actually dropping bodyfat, i asked a few people if they did it OMG i didnt get anywhere so i thought fuck it ill buy my own lol

Ok got to go, got a skype call with Mr Aziani…


joanna ( aka Buffbarbie)


Jul 2 2012 |

Ill be in Fort Luaderdale July 13th – 16th and Tampa August 10th – 12th. if anyone would like to meet me please email me at

I will be going to NYC sept 3rd – 8th also.

I still reside in Sarasota.

Thx Joanna xxx

A Year Off The Internet

Jul 2 2012 |

Dear Friends

Sounds crazy doesnt it? im sure many people feel they couldnt live without computers, but I did.

Your probably wondering why? on my last blog I had just moved to Sarasota it was a big deal for me at the time and a needed move. I spent this last year taking a break to sort a divorce , my heart and my life. I wanted to do just a regular job for a living kinda like I did back home it gave me comfort and the peacefulness and simplicity I needed.

The result I had a much needed time out and im doing really well in every way. Life is a lot of fun being single u can do what u want when u want too, u can walk around the house nude lol u know what I mean, I was always a very open minded free thinking and fun person and when I got mixed up with the wrong man I changed for the worst all over a young mans insecurities, i learned a hell of a lot tho and Im still reletively young so in high insight I am more prepared in life and a tough lesson learned.

Ok i want to update u on some of the stuff that has happened since last year and some off the stuff Im currently preparing for.

I got a car last year its a saab 93 2001, lol the problem is everytime I fix it the engine light goes on again and for some reason people seem to think old people drive a saab, not a guy magnet thats for sure one thing I will be changing this next year is my car but it gets me from a to b most of the time.

I have been training since last year however for the first time in my life I have had some issues with my body, last summer I discovered I have to discs in my spine fusing together it was very painful and disrupted my training for several months, 11 weeks ago I also found out I had a stress fracture of my s i joint, i went for a bone density test and I found out I dont have a great score for my age, it means I could be more prone to injury than others, I had to take 2 months off my leg training and a month off my dayjob wasnt easy.

At present I am now just starting to do legs again but light, upper body training wasnt affected at all, i am dieting for several reasons I started at 160 and am down to 153. I have several projects from dvds, videos and photo shoots coming up and my webmaster and I will be shooting tons of content in august so the goal is to kickstart my site with new marterial I hope it encourages fans to return to see my new stuff. I will blog the projects as the happen etc.

I began webcam after the year off around 6weeks ago i work for and I also can do skype shows.

I am going to begin travel again for personal appearances starting in september, I will post here , the wb270 and sessiongirls to what Im doing.

I am always looking for sponsorships, a simple way to support me is to join my site, for any questions, info on anything I have mentioned please feel free to email me at

I am very happy to be back, it may seem a little crazy how I handled things but Id have rathered done it this way than be active online and come across as a miserable burned out bitch so there u have it, BUFFBARBIE is back, divorce is one of the most painful things u can experience in life so I hope u understand that this is not something I am planning to do again either the divorce or taking a year off the internet, life is too short and I have too much going for me to miss any time ever again.

I love you all and I will be blogging on a regular basis as well as the site having lots of new content this next couple of months, once i was told to always be happy when i do a blog etc but thats not me I am too honest for my own good , id rather have a real gritty blog that tells u how it is the good the bad the ugly than just a picture I think for real fans u will respect me more than just trying to look good or sexy all the time and off course ill have that too.

K got to go workout now, welcome back and ill write to u very soon

Joanna aka Buff barbie xxxxxxxxxx ( thats kisses)