Sarasota and catching up

Apr 18 2011 |

Dear Guys

I have made sarasota my home for now and for the forseable future, its been a huge change and adjustment but one that was very needed and I am more at peace than Ive been in a very long time, when u think all is lost its a wonderful thing when u have true friends to lift u up and take u out of a situation, I am making huge progress in my life and am happy.

Firstly I sorted out my drivers license sounds simple but it was something I was not able to do due to my past situation, Ive been driving now for 3.5weeks, I am currently using a friends car which is very kind of them, my next step is to save for a car which i am currently doing once I get one Ill take some photos, a fan of mine has offered me a great deal on a mini cooper sport 05, grey, stick which is the most common way to drive in the Uk lol so Im hoping this next month I can get it cant wait!!

I took sometime off emails, webcam etc as I needed some space to find me, I got a job which I love doing cleaning and painting for an apartment complex even powerwashing the money is dencent and im around people all day which is something zi didnt have when I worked webcam.

I did a lot of new material for this website around 2 weeks ago, my friend said he downloaded it to find there was a problem I appologise and so very soon it should be up, I did a shower scene, wrestling another woman whos indentity wishes to stay pvt, lots of nude stuff and bra and panties lol lots of video and some stills. I hope u enjoy it, I did injure my knee lol making the footage , I alsdo did some lift and carry which ive also never done on video. Early next month now I can drive I will either make it over to the east coast and shoot or do some footage over here but the site will get regular updates of NEW things.

I am traveling soon u can email me for more information and Ill be making a trip to London to see my family its been 18months.

Another thing is I really want and need to go back to school and am aiming for the fall, I need to speak to a careers advisor lol Im sure they wont see many female bodybuilders, aside from this and care work I really havent tried anything else and so Id like to see what else is out there for me and what Ill enjoy as a 2nd career I wont always be 34 and I cant be taking my clothes of at 60 lol well IDK there are guys that like milf too.

My training the last month has not been quite up to what it was due to doing manual work, I get very tired easily but its normal due to all the stress and changes that have happened but I remain positive and things keep improving for the better.

I would like ideally to be 10lbs leaner however Im still a big bitch my arms are 15.5 lol and Im not even trying, I know when I get used to stuff I will refocus its only been 11weeks.

I want to say thanks to my webmaster for making changes to my website DOESNT IT LOOK AMAZING?

Thanks to all if u thats email me and stay members to this site, I have to get a shower and get to work, Im powerwashing some buildings I love it very theraputic. I hope u email me and catch up

Times are not easy for many people today but friends and family are the ones that matter, life is good and beautiful. I love u all, hope to go to some shows this year maybe the O and the nationals, its been years. Im sure to be at the Southern States that will mark a year back to training again.

Love u guys Ill write soon let me know what u thing about the new stuff??

BBx Jo.