Feb 21 2011 |

I need a man yea I do 😉

I will be in Philly from the 7th march – 9th and will be shooting a mixed wrestling video, I am in search of a male model.

A couple things to remember the moves are staged and acted ( unless u like pain) and u can wear a mask so ur identity can be hidden.

I am looking for someone of average to slim build who is no more than 5 ft 10inches die to me being 5ft 2 it doesnt look believable.

I have a unique offer for u as in this would be a free session and u get to keep a copy of the dvd. we can also negotiate.

Please email me at thanks

Sarasota and more

Feb 14 2011 |

hey Guys

How are you all doing/

I have been in SARASOTA Florida for the past week I am taking some time away from home for a number of reasons.

I joined a new gym here called You Fit and its been quite a blast because the personal trainers are asking me questions lol

I hadnt been working out for the last 2 weeks but when I weighed I was only 3lbs heavier, I weighed today and I am now 154. my plan is to get to around 145lbs and stay in excellent shape.

I will be traveling to Philly and poss NYC for work that includes wrestling videos which i will sell on this site, i will be taking some new pics this week also.

I am on herbicepscam all week sometimes at 5pm to 7pm est and then in the evenings

I am also available for online training thru skype/email and calls, personal appearances, I also offer skype webcam shows as well as custom videos i have made 2 so far and its been a ton of fun.

Sometimes things in life dont work out the way you plan it but u make the most of it and u make it even better than before, NEVER NEVER GIVE UP winston chirchill ( Idk the year lol) I love u all and please know that being a member to the site helps me to live here in the USA and to keep independance, I am also open for sponsors 😉 but u know that.

C u this thurs for WEBCAM

love u guys