sorry bout camchat

Dec 31 2010 |

Hi Guys

I just logged onto my camchat and read it was 7pm est when I really thought it was 8pm est, OMG Im sorry its my 1st week with the new cam softwear and it works great so it wasnt that, I promise I will be on next week at 7pm est we have a whole week now so I hope a few people will be there, over time more will join us and it will become a lot of fun.

HAPPY NEW YEARΒ  to you for tomorrow.

I will be doing new pics this sunday 2nd Jan, Ive been dieting, I did get very sick this last week and I couldnt train or eat for the last 5 days Im upset as it doesnt help the way I look etc but I must do this sunday as we have to post some new material, I have a lot of things Im going to do this year so there will be new material all the time and video, plus webcam chat at 7PM EST ( yes Im posting that in my brain)

If you would like to support me this year Id be grateful this sport is expensive and without a sponsor or travelling for sessions its not easy but Ill be fine with your support, 2011 will be a much better year and the site will grow and be as good or not better than it ever was. Ive just started some new things in training so I will now switch to building muscle not so much dieting as Im now 153lbs down from 170lbs so Im in good shape just want to be bigger for you all πŸ˜‰




Dieting, site updates and a little something something ;)

Dec 23 2010 |

Hey Guys

Well Xmas is nearly upon us hope you got everything ready, I find this time of year hard because I miss my parents a lot but I hope to visit the UK next year.

I started dieting after the last pictures I shot I if youve seen them I was around the 170 mark, well all I can say is I started dieting and my weight just dropped off when i say dropped off I mean its the easiest diet Ive ever done in my career, I am down to 151lbs and you can see my abbs, now heres the down side because it came off too fast and my appetite sucked I did loose a little muscle not a ton but a little so overall Im happy because if I loose another 5lbs Ill stay 10lbs out of contest shape and Im now going to stay like this all the time no more heavy Jo! once Im down 5 more lbs Im going to add the carbs and just focus the next several months on building size.

My plans are th shoot shoot shoot with several people with many things you have never seen me do ie fetish, girl girl etc etc , the 1st shoot Im doing is jan 2nd that at a car and bike museum, once I get these pics Ill send then to several sites and arrange shoots some here in Florida, some in NYC etc etc lots of fun!

WEBCAM- Finally here I WILL BE ON TONITE @ 8PM we have the best new softwear so it will be a weekly thing now, chating posing nude fun….

I am now offering pvt one one one webcam shows its a great way to sponsor me and its just for you, my fee is much cheaper than many you will see around if youd like more info please email me

Merry Xmas baby


My Birthday

Dec 9 2010 |

Just wanted to remind you that its my birthday on Sunday december 12th, Im hoping I get a few birthday wishes from you guys I really need the support , birthdays and Xmas is hard for me without my family I get a little lonely at times without them as the holidays were always a big deal home.

So Id love to hear from you or even get a little birthday surprize paypal will love you.

lots of great things to come from this old 34 year old on Sunday lady πŸ˜‰


Dec 4 2010 |

Hey Guys

lots to tell you.

Ok I got a few offers for work i.e video and photos if I got closer to contest shape so I have changed things up a gear and an focusing on getting leaner, with just getting back after the time out I had I was focusing on building back the muscle now Im to a decent stage I am focusing on getting leaner, I will ben getting advice from Robert Masino, so far Ive lost 8lbs and am at 161lbs I will be getting to the 140s.

I will be shooting new content for the site on January 2nd, the updates I did a few weeks ago will last until the 4th, the new photos and video will be shot at various locations including a car and bike museum, I will obviously be in much leaner shape than the first updates it just takes time.

My webmaster is in process of setting up brand new webcam softwear due to problems with had with the old stuff, it wont be much longer then as well as new updates you will have a webcam show each week, I plan to do a lot more work in my next updates so the new material will be more frequent instead of inbetween the old stuff πŸ˜‰ come backs hey lol

Another venture Im getting into will be custom videos I am waiting for a camcorder thats coming next week, so if anyone wants a pvt video please email me I am open to lots of ideas/roleplay etc surprise me…

I am also working on mainly in the evenings so come check me out.

If anyone is interested in doing a skype webcam show please email me for more details

Finally this is the first diet I have done since 2007 and its not easy, if anyone would like to sponsor me please feel free to email me its expensive so Id be grateful for any help.

Thankyou for being members on my site, new updates and cam shows are just the beginning plus you get to see me getting into fabulous shape…love you all