Nov 25 2010 |

Ok guys so you see the new Flash pages of my new content, those were taken after 11 weeks of training with 3 years off.

As you can see my main goal was to just build back size period I wasnt 2 bothered about my conditioning as id lost a lot of size over the years off, now with building  back most of it and getting out there I am making a comeback I have had some work offers.

Most of you have heard of Denise Masino? her not sure if its her hubby still or not I appologise but Robert Masino wrote to me expressing interest in working with me on several projects, as you know all of their work is very professional and the girls are always in good condition, he has told me he would like to see me in the 140s from the 160s, so I have decided it would be an opportunity to do this that I cannot miss, I am delighted at his interest and it gives me a goal to get into condition.

I have to talk with him as Id like him to over see my prep I am very nervous about everything as ive taken so long out and sometimes I get so confused I dont think I know what Im doing lol so its just a case of going over the diet/ suppliments with him and a few close people so I get it right.

Please enjoy the new content I have enough for around 4 weeks maybe 6 weeks, my plan then is to do video/photos with a photographer who helps run a car/bike museum in south Florida, I told them I wanted to see a remarked change in my conditon before i shoot any new content so for all you offseason look fans this new content is the most offseason your going to see its all going to get leaner and leaner as time goes forward, I promise you this site will continue to post new content every week as it used too, this is just the very start of a great comeback to come and a new persona Joanna Thomas


Until I get involved with the video projects any sponsorship would be apprieciated to help with suppliments of all kinds, clothes for shoots , hair etc food, as the new content goes up Im sure the memberships will increase too, doing my webcam as I get into better shape should also increase, when your in really good condition making income is easy its now when I need your support the most Im really pretty scared to be honest.

If  you have any ideas, requests please let me know plus I am open to doing for paypal, I am also available for diet advice / training advice by email and phone.



I am grateful that I have managed to get myself out of a hole I thought I couldnt and with working webcam and doing new updates for the site and some individual fans support I am making it here in the land of the free the country we love AMERCIA.



Nov 25 2010 |

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thx giving, enjoy the food and your familes.




Nov 12 2010 |

This is an opportunity for non members of this site as well as members to see me on skype.

If youd like to see me on webcam to skype for a small sponsorship please email me on

If youd like me to do any online diets/ training schedules including email and phone contact email me.

Finally if you would like to meet me for a guest appearance, fan meeting or seminar email me.

Im very grateful for all your support watch the site as we add new content of the new and improved Joanna Thomas


Nov 12 2010 |

Hey Guys,

From my last post I wrote I was attending the NPC show the ALL SOUTH in St Augustine to help my friend and to do new content for my site, Unfortuntely Terri placed last in her class as a heavyweight, to be brutely honest the problem was that she was not big enough for her height and it went against her my suggestion to her was that if she wanted to ein she would need another 10/15lbs of muscle on her frame yep a lot of work.

On Sat we did my very 1st photo shoot please remember I just had 3 years off and we were 11 weeks in, I feel I have done very well for the amount of time I had plus with other issues Ive had to handle its not been an easy time. I did several outfits to nude changes mostly photos this time with a few video clips, I decided to do enough for a few weeks as I want to shoot every month so you see my improvements, the next shoot Ive been talking to a guy in Hollywood Florida who runs a car museum so the next  lot of pics will be with cars.

I also need to get this webcam softwear sorted for the site so as well as the new content we can chat once or twice a week thats a job that will be addressed shortly, well enjoy the new stuff especially the ones with the white boots..;)