NPC – The All South.

Oct 26 2010 |

I will be attending the NPC show THE ALL SOUTH Nov 5th – 7th in St Augustine. I will be going along to dial in a girlfriend, go take a look at her site She is looking really amazing. While there I will be happy to met @ greet fans of the sport and enojy the show with you all.

I will be taking the time there to take my 1st official new photos in 3 years and will be from then on posting regular new pictures and videos as what made this site great in the 1st place 😉 so I hope once you see the new pics you’ll be exited to come join me for the ride. I will be in offseason shape and am still focusing on building size and as the months progress will be dialing it down in the hope to compete next summer.

I am around 168/169 and am the strongest Ive been to date, so come check me out on and take a look for yourselves.

I have shoulders today and then will be on cam, I am still looking for any help with training and have a paypal account on my email if youd like to support me. I am also open to doing pvt webcam shows on skype solo or with some male company again email me if youd like to know more and also let me know if youll be in St Augustine for the show in November, love to meet you.




Oct 16 2010 |

I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone that came to see me on webcam

i just finished the pay period for next week at midnight and I am very very happy with what I made, i havent seen that kinda cash since my session days lol, seriously Im very grateful, I understand how hard money is to make and because of being so broke for a while I have a new appreciation for money.

On the 5th – 7th November I will be doing brand new content for this site pics and video in offseason shape and I will be updating the site 3 times a week as it used to do with NEW STUFF plus a webcam show once a week, I have to get the damn thing to work over the weeekend.

I am generally on cam week nites and some afternoons and Im training 5 days a week around lunch time / mid afternoon, not a morning person.

Ill write soon…hugs…..come on 22nd………

Webcam and site updates

Oct 12 2010 |

I have a brand new laptop and we tried really hard last nite to get things to work and it wouldnt so i am waiting for a call from my webmaster and we will try to figure it out, Im a bodybuilder not a pc guy lol asap I will be on cam.

I have some more good news for updates for the site, in November I have an opportunity to go on location and shoot new content both video and photos, I have a new bodybuilding friend and she has a new site and her partner and her have all the equipment and outfits, we will also shoot together and swop content, so in  November this site will go back to its GLORY and have brand new regular updates, it will be offseason, i just started to plan it yesterday so Ill get back to you with more details..but its all happening.

I found a new training partner and she trains at 5am yes 5am this way I get it done and I have time to do 2 shows on www.herbicepscam one for europe guys in the afternoon.

Ok got to run….things are moving in the right direction 😉


Oct 11th – Bust!

Oct 12 2010 |

Ok, not mine 😉  The webcam (live videochat, that is) had a big glitch for some reason.  Webmaster is figuring it out… technical shit.  So I’ll try tomorrow night at the same time.

Next VideoChat (webcam, that is… giving equal time to both names 😉 :

Tues, Oct 12th @9pm Eastern time

Be there!

Next Webcam – Oct 11th

Oct 10 2010 |
Next webcam... Monday, Oct 11th at 9pm Eastern

Next webcam... Monday, Oct 11th @ 9pm Eastern

Don’t miss me, guys!  I’ll be on my webcam just for my members…

Oct 11th @ 9pm Eastern

Let me know by leaving a comment here if there’s a day/time that is better.  Why not let me know Best Day of the Week, and Best Time of Day!




Oct 6 2010 |

Hey Guys,

I am finally on webcam which is great, its finally a way for me to support myself and improve my life and physique.

I am on Ill be on tonight.

Once I have my driving license lol Ill then  be buying a new camera so I can do new pics for the site.

My training has been up and down due to stress with my situation, the downside to the webcam is I wont be paid until the 22nd, so if anyone can sponsor me until then it will really help me a ton, you can email me at, this is the last time I will be needing support to this degree. Once I am not so stressed with day to day living I will be back 100%. I am sorry it’s taking some time but I am trying my best.

I will be posting a cam date towards the end of the week for this site so please check my blog for my cam show….

I cant wait for things to get better so I can get back to myself, I love you guys and am grateful for your support you are the true fans.