Paypal @ Webcam

Sep 24 2010 |

Hey Guys,

I was 169lbs yesterday at the gym.

I set up a paypal account for anyone that can help me with my comeback its under the following email you see I have contacted the people for the webcam and they pay you twice a month and so I wont be getting a paycheck until the 2nd week of October but once they start coming in I will be independant so I am very grateful of anyone can help me until then.

I got my hair done thanks to a fan in NYC and am setting up to do cam today so please check me out on www.herbicepscam I may be on as soon as tomorrow. I will also set a cam date for this site next week, so please come and meet me on cam love to talk and flex for you.

Ok got to run…and know the sooner I get paid from cam the sooner I can live life plus get a camera and outfits to do new content for this site so the more help I get the faster that will happen.

Wow Im tired today, hugs……


Almost Ready… and Thank You!

Sep 18 2010 |

Dear Guys,

I would like to say a big big thank you to a fan from NYC who has sponsored me to do my hair, you know who you are and Im so very grateful, so I am alomst there thanks to your support and my hard work. All I need now is the final thing sponsorship to buy 2 outfits and a pair of shoes. I am hoping this will happen this week and then it’s ready steady go ( please if you can help with this email me ).

Once I am dressed sexy I’ll be doing 2 things, I’ll be doing webcam for all of you here on this site and then joining and working there. So I am hoping to be able to do this towards the end of next week! I spoke to Debbie Bramwell ( check out her site) she was the one who put the idea in my head she is an amazing bodybuilder and friend of mine the last 9 years that sounds weird where did the time go?

My first paycheck depending on how well I can do there are a few very important things I’d like to do. One is to get my drivers license sorted that will change my life overnight, secondly I want to buy a camera so I can begin to take and upload new material for the site. I will be in offseason shape (offcourse) as I am still in a building muscle phase.

As time goes by and as I improve my physique and make income I will buy many great outfits take photos and video here and finally fly to LA to work with my webmaster as well as some other great photographers plus NYC. Once I feel I have got back enough mass I will start to diet and get leaner, other goals are to work with some other bodybuilders and do some joint photo shoots etc etc, this site and my life are going to be AMAZING. Im very exited.

I am getting ready to do a cleaning job, I’ve done a couple in the past for my landlady but today it’s for one of her friends a 4 bedroom house so know I am trying here too 😉 it’s going to be very rewarding to work again and make my own living it builds amazing self esteem and confidence in the past I have always worked and make my own way in life and so this time has been hard and frustrating.

I will be training shoulders today and a little arms I actually had yesterday off as I was so tired after my leg workout the day before.

Finally again I need one more last little push to get my outfits please email me or scroll down to find the ways you can do so and contact me. Godbless you all and thankyou for your patience. I promise to make this site as great as it had been and better, you have not seen the last of me and I want to make this site a little bit of heaven for your day.



Webcam and sponsorship

Sep 15 2010 |

Dear Guys,

I had a good hard think yesterday and decided on something. I didnt really feel comfortable about doing webcam for a few more weeks as its only been 4 weeks since I came back, however I do realise that if I were to try even if I didnt do the greatest to start with its better than nothing and I wont be so dependant on fans sponsorship.

However I cant do something out of nothing so for the last time I am asking fans for sponsorship to get prepared for cam then after that I’ll be working and self reliant and if I were to then get sponsorship it will be a nice help. I need the following for webcam.




Thats it folks I plan to go on cam as soon as I get those things together, when I get my first paycheck I can buy a camera new outfits and can update this site, I also plan to do webcam on this site also, so if  you are able to help me this one more time please email me or scroll down a couple blogs for ways you can send and my address. We are nearly there folks onward and upward.

I will write back as soon as things are happening not much longer to wait, I am stepping things up a gear and am training t

Muscle and memory lane

Sep 14 2010 |

Well I told you I’d let you know how long it would take me to walk to the gym and it was 30mins.

However whats even better than that is the gains I’ve made in strength this week, I trained chest now bear in mind a few years ago i was inclined dumbell pressing 75/80lbs for reps…lol, but Im going to go with whats happened the last 2 weeks, 2 weeks ago I did inclined dumbell press and I was only able to do….dont laugh 35lbs…so I go in today 2 weeks later and Im warming up with them, I ended up doing 55lbs for 2 sets of 6 reps, now it doesnt sound a lot but if you figure it was only 2 weeks ago it’s a huge gain, I’m almost doubling what I was doing in other movements like cable cross overs so guys know that when u get stronger it generally means your growing.

I weighed myself and today I was 166lbs thats 9lbs more than when I started and Im only 5ft 2. An old trick in bodybuilding for some education…is that it’s the norm to say 10lbs per inch of height thats the general so if you look at the run of the mill bodybuilding show you will see that as the weight class goes up so does the height aside a few freaks…you know the ones like 2 or 3 inches shorter than the rest…I know you love them right?

It’s funny as when I competed in bodybuilding there were always weight classes and what I did the cheeky girl is always try to weigh into the class that I would be the heaviest in, recently I did some math over a time line to see how much muscle I had gained over time in contests and heres a little run through memory again at 5ft 2inches 10lbs is a lot of freaking muscle it’s like 25lbs on a girl at 5ft 10.

Year – 1998 – age 21- contest weight 114lbs – result Overall win at the british ( turned pro)

Year -2001-age 24 – contest weight 124lbs – result Won 1st Pro Show Jan tana Classic.

Year-2004-age 27-contest weight 134lbs- result 7th in the world In Ms O (best to date)

Year – 2007- age 30 -contest weight 135lbs- result …worst Ive done at a Pro show to date 4th many disagreed and the less I say about that one the better lol.

So you see when I was serious about training which if Im really honest until 2001, I had a year of games in 2002 basically I’d never partied in my life and decided to try the other life for a while. 2003 I got serious but did it alone, I came 2nd in the Jantana and wa sa place out from the O that year so in 2004 I met up with Chad Nicholls and Charles Glass 2 amazing trainers and had the best result of my life it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them but I dont forget what we managed to achieve in a short 5 month period.

Ok my tummy really hurts and I dont feel the best so Im going to call it a night, it’s back tomorrow, got to get my damn bike fixed it’s too hot to walk during the day, thanks for all the support I think about you everyday.

Hugs and love



Sep 13 2010 |

Hey Guys,

So I decided to go weigh myself last sat lol and I realised I’d gained 11lbs…yea you read right 11lbs!!!!

Yea I am really gaining some muscle….yummy…..

I am starting to get some of my strength back also, right now I am eating for size, you see taking so many years out it does take some time to get a certain look back, if it wasnt for a couple of fans helping me the last 2 weeks I dont think Id have made it this far so I’d like to say a big thanks you know who you are.

My intention is not to come on here every time and ask for sponsorship I actually have a plan in montion it’s just taking some time and I am aware that times are hard (? 😉 ) for all of us, so I think I’ll take a minute to explain a few things so you see an end in sight and more importantly a change to this site.

Without trying to sound all doom and gloom lol heres my current situation..I am back training to get a fucking wonderful body and it’s happening right now I am training for size I’m not actually sure to the exact week but I’m going to need a few more weeks of what we call in the industry bulking up..then I will diet and show you the results, the true fans are the ones who are members of my site now and who are supporting me because at the end of the day your going to get some great new pics and videos.

I am not currently working , I went to school and am waiting on the state of Florida to give me an exam date so I can work as a Care Nurse Assistant the very job I was doing back home in the Uk, so here lies my catch 22 I have a car but am not able to drive it.( It’s the offseason here in Florida and jobs are very few and far between even if I were qualified so thats why I went back to school for the very thing I am qualified back home in 😉 and am trying to build a physique on very little back up but …there is a light at the end of this tunnel, I have decided that in around 2/3 weeks I am going to go back onto webcam work probably and work, I would do it now but I dont feel I have progressed enough to go on, I am aware and so will you all be I’ll be very offseason but the plan for me is with my first paycheck is to buy a kick ass camera and some really sexy outfits so I can send my webmaster new updates for the site and as the paychecks continue so will this site improve. I am not insensitive when I do go on to do webcam I will also start the same week on this site also so it’s coming soon.

So it boils down to this for the next 2/3 weeks I really need your help with a couple things to get me started…basically sponsorship for a couple outfits, a pair of fuck me shoes and a hairdo…then gentlemen….get your engines Help with food and suppliments even my gym membership for the next few weeks really helps me out.

If any one can SPONSOR me we can chat through you can email me here or even send me a little snail mail to 413 NE Oleander Ave, Port St Lucie , Florida, 34952, and just remember with your continued support and few little extra helpers I’ll be back in no time at all.

My bike broke lol today probaby due to my extra weight…the front tire is as flat as a I now have to walk to the gym, I was going to introduce some offseason cardio of 30 mins a day so I’m going to time myself walking today and see how much it is and report back, it’s chest today..I keep thinking I can’t wait to get back on and do what I’m good at and that’s producing some really good photos, videos and webcam, it’s frustrating for me and for you I’m sure but I promise I am doing what I can to make it right. THANKYOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, PLEASE EMAIL ME BABIES.

Ok..gotta go got a walk ahead of me…shut up..dont laugh…in a couple of months I’ll be driving my dodge intrepid I got stuck in the garden ( oh it works just fine )and as Arnold said ” ILL BE BACK ” …….



Supplements Supplements!

Sep 4 2010 |

Hey Guys,

Training is coming along steady and surely, I have gained around 4lbs already of muscle. I wanted to thank a fan in NYC who was kind enough to sponsor me to buy some food and supplements, I went out and had a good old time and got a lot to eat and several supplements, while getting on my feet help like this is very important to me if anyone is interested in sponsoring me on my journey back please email me at  when you write I can explain some of the things I currently need support with thx.

As you know I have just come back to the USA and am trying to get myself established. I took my cna course for care nurse assistant as I am currently not working.  I went to pick up my State ID so I could go pay for my exam and they told me the law changed  because I am not born in the US. I now  have to wait up to 30 days to receive it in the mail then I can take it, go pay for my exam which now takes between 2 to 6 weeks to do a background check on you before you can even take the State test?? lol…..all I’m trying to do is the same job I just left doing with good references in the Uk….

I was on my way to the supplement store and I saw a big bodybuilder dude so I asked him where he worked out and it was at a gym called TNT and he said they were looking for trainers, so I went in and met the owners, next week they are holding interviews on wednesday so provided my neighbour will take me I will try to get a job as a trainer, it’s an amazing gym, if I could drive I would go there in a heart beat, a real bodybuilders gym, for now I ride a bike to a gym not far from my home. It does bother me trying to get a job further than a bike ride from the house as I have to trust one of my neighbours and hope it works out . It’s like being in a crazy catch 22 situation.

Buff Barbies been a bad girl….While I was in the Uk I wasnt really worried about a few tickets I had on my US license ( back in 2007/08) and so it was eventually suspended, now I’m back here it’s a problem lol, I do have a car but my license is going to take a chunk of change to fix and thats been another of the main reasons why it’s been so hard to get find employment, my plan is to keep training hard, hope I get some more help with some sponsorship and work towards doing some new content for the site, in a few weeks I’d like to give webcam a try 2. Due to moving I lost all of my sexy outfits I used to wear so if anyone wants to see me in anything in particular write in or even send me an outfit for a shoot again email me about it etc. I’m waiting on the CNA exam and I’m hoping I may get the chance to become a trainer next week.

It’s early days guys but I am changing fast and I look very different than I did 2 weeks ago, Overall I am much more positive about life and things are moving in the right direction so please keep your love and support going guys and during the next several months this site and my new body are going to kick some ass…ok off to the gym for me and again your support and sponsorships really help me right now I cant do this comeback without you. I train legs today so i’m going to eat get some rest then its dreaded legs lol….dont forget email me and I’ll give you my cell if you want to talk..;)

Hugs ….cant wait to do my first new photoshoot…..cant wait to post it either lol..;)