Aug 26 2010 |

I’m very sorry guys but I am really not feeling very well tonight, I worked out and think I overdid it. I promise I will post another cam date soon. Please know I am working very hard so I can get some new content done asap. Hugs

Weekly Progress Report

Aug 25 2010 |

My training has been going very well, I originally was going to train one bodypart a day, 6 days a week, but quickly found I wasn’t able to do so as I have been too sore. So what I’ve been doing is training instinctively, meaning going when I feel able to go and resting when I need to, the reason is I’m finding I am very very sore lol especially the next 2 days after, I started 11 days ago now and have worked out 6 times works out every other day, I am growing well I have gained 1.8lbs the first 9 days and it isn’t fat.

Another reason I know I’m changing fast is yesterday I went out and was wearing a pair of tiny jean shorts the ones that go just below your ass cheeks and a pair of white cream heels with straps, now a few weeks ago I wouldn’t really get any looks…. but yesterday I had guys coming up to me in Walmart while I was on my cell phone tapping me on the shoulder pointing to my legs and doing the thumbs up, then I had several lots of workmen guys in cars in walgreens carpark slowing their trucks down and just gawking at me so I just smiled and thought to myself YES this reminds me of the old days.

I am hoping that the rate Im going I could gain up to 10 pounds of solid gains this next month even though I’ll be offseason. I’ll be in shape enough to start photos to send to the site… it’s all very exciting.

Webcam Show coming up Thursday the 26th at 9pm eastern time!

I attended care nurse assistant school and got the best in my class on a mock exam… 94%, now I need to take the State of Florida exam, and once I pass that it takes several weeks I can then seek good employment. I can then use this to really progress with the site, my physique and enjoying life.

There are several things you guys can do to assist my come back staying members of the site and buying my preordered dvds, I am also looking for 2 small sponsorships ( if I dont ask i won’t know) one is to sponsor my State exam which is $250 and the other is for supplements ie protein powder, creatine, glutamine etc around $150 – 200 would buy a lot of supplements both these things will really help me get a move on with my progress so i can make this site as great as it has been with new photos and videos weekly ( email me if you are interested and we can come to some way to compensate you;)

I plan to come to LA and NYC and do some work for content asap.  Another idea I have is to do some private webcam work poss separate from the site once my site webcams are regular.

I am training legs again today mainly hamstrings with some quads and I’ll write and tell you how that went ….sore sore sore..I cant wait to do some sexy new work for you as you all deserve it.

Hang in their I’m getting harder and bigger mmm everyday.

2nd Workout… Legs!

Aug 17 2010 |

It was pouring rain all weekend, so I didn’t make it to the gym. But today was day 2 for me in the gym.

I trained legs… 10 sets of leg press, working up to 4 plates on each side; then 5 sets seated leg curls and 5 sets of leg extensions to finish.

It seems I’m about half as strong as I used to be in all lifts, so far.

The workout felt better than my first workout (chest). I felt pretty good, in fact. Still sore from my chest workout. Kinda funny, but looking from the side I could see my medial delts peaking out a little more already… I figure it’s gotta be from doing chest! (haha)

So far I’ve just been sticking to myself in the gym, wearing full length lycra pants and a wife beater, just getting into my workout, knowing that my body is going to adapt quickly… shape, strength, and size!

I’m going to set up my webcam and software right now, and will schedule a webcam show for members for either later this week or soon, anyway. Stay tuned! I’ll post it here and in my members area.

My First Workout in 3 Years!

Aug 14 2010 |

Today was Day 1 of getting back in shape! I joined a gym and spent a couple hours working out. I’m ready and excited about getting back to my old self!

I worked chest and abs today, 16 sets… incline dumbbell presses, incline smith machine (right under my chin), pec deck, and cable crossovers. I did a little ab work as well… kneeling rope pulldowns, and leg raises lifting my hips off the bench. I felt as weak as I did when I first started working out at 15 years old. Except I weighed 105 at that time. I weighed 157 today… and dropping! 🙂

I’ve been biking a bit to get my cardio fitness up… I did 12 miles the other day and caught some sun, too! Two birds with one stone 😉

I’m going to try to eat something now and then pass out. Gotta recover and hit it again tomorrow!