Back In Action!

Jul 28 2010 |

Hey Guys,

After a long hiatus, living with my family in the UK, I’m back in Florida and coming out of retirement… it’s official! 🙂

I went to the Southern States Bodybuilding show recently.  It was good to reconnect with old friends, and I ended up doing a little interview with Annie Rivieccio for

You can reconnect with ME at my new email address on the contact page of this blog.  Feel free to say hi!

Getting Back In Shape

I haven’t trained in a long time, but I’ll be starting soon, getting back in shape, and doing photo and video shoots… for my website and other sites, too.

“Relaunching” My Website

I’ll be more involved with my site than ever before, and the 1st thing I’m doing is a new Getting Back In Shape feature for my members.  You’ll see photos and video showing my progress as I get back in shape that’ll start by showing me before I begin training, and then showing my progress each week.

Wanna support my effort to get back to Ms. Olympia shape as quickly as possible?

Here’s what you can do:

1) Join my site, and get ready for the weekly progress updates,
as well as weekly videochats showing my progress.

2) Preorder my DVD – Buff Barbie – The Comeback!
My weekly progress on video, including nude footage from
each weekly progress update, as well as workout footage.

3) Preorder my DVD – Buff Barbie – Hotter Than Ever!
All New exclusive footage ONLY on this DVD!
Each scene with totally nude footage!

4) Get my DVD – Joanna Thomas is Buff Barbie

You’ll find all the DVDs in my store… I’ll sign each one with a personal message just for you!

I hope to see you in my members area, too, where I’ll flex my growing muscles for you as I get back in shape!

Thanks, guys… I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with you!

xo, Joanna